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Available Space

2516 Jane Street Atrium

The building design for 2516 Jane Street allows for flexibility of use on each Floor. The First Floor (as shown) is arranged around the central Atrium/Collaboration space with up to four (4) Tenant Suites at the perimeter/corners. The Main Entry at Jane Street bisects the front of the property and leads to a Monumental Stair and Elevator at the Atrium. To the rear of the First Floor is a Loading Area off the Alley.


The potential Tenant Suites on the First Floor have Lab infrastructure, Lab Utilities, and all services for Wet Labs in Suites 101, 102, and 103. Offices are, and can be located in Suite 100. It is also possible for Suite 103 to have the option to be used as Offices. 


The First Floor as designed can be utilized as one (1) single Tenant  or multiple Tenants depending on specific use/requirements. (see Options as noted; all square footages as shown are approximate).

Proposed Wet Labs & Offices Available Now. . . 

The First Floor

First Floor - Option 1

First Floor - Option 2

First Floor - Option 3

The Second Floor of the property is accessed from the First Floor Atrium/Collaboration space via the Monumental Stair and Elevator. The 2.5 Storey Atrium provides natural light to both Floors as well as provides the building's physical center of circulation and Common Areas. The Second Floor Suites -- similar to the First Floor--- consist of up to four (4) Tenant Spaces at the perimeter/corners.

The Suites on the Second Floor have access to Lab infrastructure, Lab Utilities, and all services for Wet Labs in Suites 200/201, 202, 203 and 204. Presently, the property Owners are developing a Flex/Smart Wet Lab in either Suite 203 or 204. Currently --  and in the future -- Suite 205 is designed as Offices. It is also possible for Suites 200/201, 202, and 203 to be used as Office Suites. 

The entire Second Floor as designed can be utilized as either one (1)  single occupancy Tenant or multiple Tenants depending on demand and use. (see Options as proposed; note that all square footages as shown are approximate).

2516 Jane Street Lab

The Second Floor

Second Floor - Option 1

Second Floor - Option 2

Second Floor - Option 3

The Second Floor

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